Simple RESTful interface to our service

All projects and transactions are described as JSON objects, and can be pushed to us using the add / update project POST url.

Access the largest dataset in marketplace finance 


Concentrate on building your product. There’s no need to spend time and resources on setting up infrastructure, fast databases, running backups etc. TAB has done this already and you can leverage our work.

Collating data from 1,000s of platforms is hard work. We get data in different formats, at different frequencies, in different locales, and map it into a single, consistent schema that you can use. You don’t need to become an expert at market place finance to use our data.

We have historical data going all the way back to 2005, including campaigns that platforms have since removed from their own websites. If you need a solid source of historical data, TAB has got you covered.

Authentication - to access our API you first need to login or register with us.

To enable us to authenticate you as a platform owner, please register using an email with the same domain as your platform website e.g. admin@mycrowdfundingsite.com

If you can’t register with this type of email address or think that we don’t cover your platform then don’t worry – simply register with any email address then contact us at hello@insidetab.io to arrange for access.

Please note that we require all platforms that use our API to sign our data licence. 

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Customer feedback

"TAB provide an unrivalled tool to track the industry globally and crucially for us, at a company level. Their unique insight has saved us many hours and days in identifying opportunities and subsequently reduced our customer cost of acquisition. I'd recommend TAB Dashboard to anyone that wants to provide their services to marketplace finance businesses."

Chris Wielach - Co-founder, Sirenio